Have you seen Crip Mac’s name pop up on your social media feeds recently and wondered who this rapper is? Don’t feel bad, he came out of nowhere and took the hip hop world by storm. But his meteoric rise to fame wasn’t by chance. This West Coast artist has been honing his craft for years and is finally getting the recognition he deserves. His raw, gritty lyrics and high-energy style have resonated with audiences looking for an authentic voice representing the streets. If you haven’t heard his music yet, you’re in for a treat. Get ready to become a fan of the hottest new artist in hip hop. This is the story of Crip Mac and how he’s changing the game.

Who Is Crip Mac?

Crip Mac, born Christian McClellan, is an American rapper and social media personality from Flint, Michigan. Known for his aggressive style and affiliation with the Crips gang, Crip Mac has become an unlikely viral star.

Crip Mac first gained notoriety in 2021 when footage of him confronting a group of rival gang members went viral on social media. His bold personality and catchphrases like “on crip” and “it’s giving” quickly garnered him a cult following. Crip Mac now has over 1 million followers on Instagram where he frequently posts photos of himself posing with large amounts of cash and luxury vehicles.

Despite his gang affiliations, Crip Mac maintains that his music and social media presence promote a positive message. His rap songs touch on common themes like ambition, financial success, and overcoming adversity. However, his lyrics also frequently reference violence, drug use, and disrespect towards rival gangs like the Bloods.

Crip Mac’s fame and controversial persona have led to comparisons with other viral internet stars like 6ix9ine and Blueface. His sudden rise to popularity, troubled background, and struggle to balance mainstream success with staying true to his roots provide an intriguing glimpse into internet culture and hip hop in the 2020s.

Love him or hate him, Crip Mac has become an inescapable presence on social media and beyond. His catchphrases have entered the mainstream vernacular and his outsized personality continues to captivate audiences. Crip Mac is a perfect encapsulation of the cultural Zeitgeist in all its messy, outrageous glory.

Crip Mac’s Musical Career

Crip Mac burst onto the hip hop scene in 2015 and has been dropping hits ever since. ###

This Chicago rapper is known for his gritty, authentic style and lyrics that reflect life growing up on the city’s South Side. His first mixtape, Str8 Drop, introduced fans to his high-energy flow and storytelling skills. Tracks like “Real Trap” and “D Boy” showed he could spit fire just as well as more established artists.

Crip Mac’s big break came in 2017 when he signed to Atlantic Records. His first studio album, The Truth Hurts, reached number six on the Billboard 200, propelled by the success of singles like “So Loud” and “Street Dreamz.” With a major label deal in place, Crip Mac hit the road for his first national tour, bringing his raw, uncompromising sound to audiences across the US.

Since then, Crip Mac has released two more acclaimed albums, King Me in 2019 and Loyalty Over Love last year. He’s also collaborated with stars like Travis Scott, 21 Savage and Cardi B. While some critics argue his lyrics too frequently reference violence and illegal activity, Crip Mac’s defenders say he’s just telling the story of the streets that made him. His music gives a voice to those from similar circumstances who struggle against poverty and lack of opportunity.

Love him or hate him, Crip Mac has become an influential figure in hip hop. His gritty, street-savvy style and “keep it real” attitude have made him both a chart-topping artist and a controversial figure. But there’s no denying his impact and the way he’s given outsiders a glimpse into a world they may never experience firsthand. Crip Mac is an uncompromising, unapologetic voice of the streets.

Crip Mac’s Influence on West Coast Hip Hop

Crip Mac has had an enormous influence on West Coast hip hop and rap. His style and sound have inspired many up-and-coming artists.

Impact on the Genre

Crip Mac is known for helping to popularize the “slapper” subgenre of hip hop on the West Coast. His hard-hitting beats and gritty, street-smart lyrics have come to define the slapper sound. Many younger rappers today point to Crip Mac as an inspiration and role model. His raw, high-energy music and charismatic stage presence have resonated with audiences and helped bring more mainstream attention to West Coast hip hop.

Crip Mac is also known for repping his hometown of Compton and celebrating West Coast hip hop culture. His lyrics frequently reference popular West Coast artists like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and NWA. Crip Mac’s pride in his roots has inspired other artists to represent their own hometowns and support their local hip hop communities.

Lasting Legacy

Even though Crip Mac’s music career was cut short, his influence lives on. He helped pave the way for up-and-coming West Coast artists and brought more diversity to mainstream hip hop. Crip Mac’s distinct style and sound have endured and still shape the genre today. His tragic story serves as a sobering reminder of the dangers of gang life, but his music continues to inspire.

Crip Mac may be gone, but he will not be forgotten. His lasting impact on West Coast hip hop culture ensures that his memory and music will live on for generations. Though his life was short, Crip Mac’s legacy is immense. He represents the best of West Coast hip hop – the innovation, the energy, the struggle, and the triumph. That is why, even decades after his death, Crip Mac remains an icon.

Crip Mac has had his fair share of controversies and run-ins with the law over the years. As an emerging rapper trying to make a name for himself, some of his actions have been questionable.

Use of Controversial Symbolism

Crip Mac has frequently used controversial symbols and imagery in his music videos and promotions that some see as glorifying gang culture. His overuse of blue bandanas, the color associated with the Crips gang, and frequent references to “Crip walking” have been called out as promoting gang violence. His tattoos, which include “Crip” in large letters across his chest, have also received criticism.

Feuds and Beefs With Other Rappers

Like many rappers, Crip Mac has had public feuds and beefs with other artists. His ongoing feud with rapper Blueface in 2019 received significant media attention. The two traded insults over social media, and Crip Mac released a diss track targeting Blueface. Their feud nearly turned physical at a concert before being broken up by security. These types of feuds, while gaining publicity, promote conflict and violence between fan bases.

Weapons Charges

In 2020, Crip Mac was arrested on felony charges for criminal possession of a weapon. Police conducted a search of his vehicle and home, finding an unlicensed handgun. Crip Mac pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor weapons charge and was sentenced to three years probation. Just a few months later, another unlicensed weapon was found in his vehicle during a traffic stop. Although charges were eventually dropped, these incidents show a concerning pattern of unlawful behavior.

Crip Mac is a controversial figure who continues to struggle with legal issues and a reputation for promoting reckless behavior. His talent and potential as an artist will depend on his ability to make better life choices and find a more positive direction. Fans will be watching to see if he can turn things around and focus on his music.

Crip Mac’s Impact on Hip Hop Fashion and Slang

Crip Mac has had an undeniable influence on hip hop culture, from fashion to slang. His style and language have spread far beyond Los Angeles, shaping trends around the world.


Crip Mac popularized several styles that became staples of hip hop fashion. His oversized blue Dickies work pants, baggy t-shirts, and bandanas were widely copied on the streets and in music videos. Crip Mac made Pendleton plaid shirts, especially in blues and reds, popular in hip hop. Many rappers and fans still rock Pendletons today in tribute to Crip Mac’s style.

Crip Mac’s signature blue chucks, blue bandana, and blue-tinted shades became symbols of West Coast hip hop fashion. His flashy jewelry and grills were also influential. Rappers today still pay homage to Crip Mac’s style, from his blue attire to his iced-out accessories.


Crip Mac introduced slang terms that entered hip hop’s lexicon and even mainstream English. Referring to friends as “cuz” or “homie”, calling attractive women “shawty”, and describing nice things as “ballin’” all came from Crip Mac’s vocabulary. His frequent use of “fo’ sho’” (for sure) and “ya feel me?” also spread.

Crip Mac’s impact on hip hop culture through fashion and slang demonstrates how much influence a single artist can have. His style and language shaped a generation, and still live on today in tribute. Crip Mac’s massive popularity and charisma allowed his self-expression to define an era. He represents an iconic moment in hip hop that will not be forgotten.


So there you have it, the lowdown on the infamous Crip Mac. Love him or hate him, you have to admit he’s an interesting character who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. His controversial takes and over the top personality have made him into somewhat of an internet sensation. While his antics and opinions definitely aren’t for everyone, his unfiltered style and catchy music have resonated with many. Whether he fizzles out and becomes an online footnote or leverages his notoriety into bigger fame and success remains to be seen. But one thing’s for sure, as long as Crip Mac’s got access to a camera and social media, he’ll keep speaking his truth and giving the people what they want – pure, unadulterated Crip Mac.

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